Wheelsandmore Works on the Maserati MC Stradale

Wheelsandmore will upgrade the wheels, exhaust, suspension and power output of your Maserati MC Stradle for around €15,000.

German tuning expert’s latest feature combines an engine tune, new exhaust, suspension and a set of great alloys. Starting with the best thing they do, a set of alloys which include spectacular forged and also ultralight forged alloys to three-piece C-sport wheels and a cool set of special megalight carbon wheels. All that comes in 20-inch or 21-inch rim diameter and a variety of individual colors and different surface finishes. All the prices start from €6,134.

A unique coilover adjustable height and compression suspension comes from €2,771 and, if you want, for additional €420, they will install a neutralization kit for serial slyhook suspensions. Wheelsandmore can also add a fabulous customized weight-optimized stainless steel exhaust system with special remote controlled valve flaps adding an extra 20 horses for the nice sum of €4,370.

Finally, they have an ECU upgrade to the original 4.7-liter V8 engine that makes not bad power boost from 450hp and 376lb-ft of torque to whole 470hp and 395lb-ft of peak torque.