Volkswagen Will Develop New Flagship Sedan

Volkswagen wants to make the all-new Phaeton that should arrive around 2015.

Several years ago Volkswagen started to develop a luxury sedan, which had to be like the top luxury models such as the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Audi A8. This luxury model was the Volkswagen Phaeton, a great sedan, which was built in Dresden, Germany at “Transparent Factory” and its platform was shared with Bentley Continental. Although the Phaeton had the trappings of a great luxury car but on the US market it was a sad failure. But now Volkswagen is evidently ready to try one more time.

The Phaeton is still available on the European market, but in 2006 it was removed from the US showrooms. So now Volkswagen wants to try one more time with all-new VW luxury model, which should be revealed within these few years. The all-new Phaeton will have the lightweight aluminium construction instead of the steel construction of current flagship Volkswagen model.