Toyota Land Cruiser by Wald International

Wald International gave a Toyota’s top SUV, Land Cruiser with great V8 engine, some nice cosmetic enhancements.

Tokyo Auto Salon will be opened in several weeks, just like the Detroit Auto Show, which will also take place almost at the same time. It should be great Japan’s tuning event, similar to the SEMA show that take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and also Essen in Germany. Tokyo Auto Salon always attracts many Japanese tuners to present their latest aftermarket projects. There also will be Wald International among these top tuning houses.

There are many nice cosmetic enhancements added to this Land Cruiser, Wald has made a lot of exterior upgrades including extended wheel arches, which widen the Land Cruiser by 40 millimeters, a new front fascia, tailgate- and roof-mounted spoilers, a great rear bumper that has an integrated diffuser and also carbon-fiber trim. Consumers can also get a pair of nice LED fog lights, new improved exhaust system and, of course, new large wheels.