The New Mazda 6 at Moscow Auto Show

The future of Mazda depends on success of the all-new Mazda 6, but is its new mid-size sedan good enough to attract potential consumers?

Mazda showed its all-new Mazda 6 just before its revealing at Moscow Auto Show in Russia. The new model has two significant details, there are new Kodo design and the SkyActiv technology, that are combined in a nice package which has to be fuel efficient and fun to drive. When we will look inside, we’ll see that interior looks simpe, neat and sporty, it shows the way for the future Mazda models.

Japanese automaker has also added the new technologies into a dashboard of the new model, such as 3.5″ instrument cluster info display and a large 5″ center panel display for the navigation system. There are several new safety systems installed: hill start system, dynamic high beam control system, rear vehicle monitoring system, low-speed emergency braking system and a new lane departure warning system. But Mazda made the bigger investment into the technology which you can find under the hood of the car. There are Mazda’s newest SkyActiv technology engines that have improved fuel efficiency and better performance.

The new model will be equipped with a new four-cylinder inline 2.0 liter engine with 148 hp and also you will be able to get a 2.5 liter engine with 189 horsepower. Both of these engines will work with 6-speed transmission. Also there are diesel engines with SkyActiv technology expected. There are no official numbers of fuel efficiency and pricing yet, but they should be attractive enough.

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