The First Arab Supercar

Hungry for expensive cars and oil-rich Middle East now has a supercar that they may call their own.

W Motors, the newly established company that is based in Beirut, is making the Super-Sport and the Hyper-Sport that should become the first Arab supercars. During the event at the Sursock Palace in Lebanese capital, the new automotive company reported that they are preparing to produce two fast vehicles, and also claimed that the Hyper-Sport model will be “the most exclusive high performance car ever made…and most luxurious sports car in the world.” But unfortunately there wasn’t any information about the pricing of these cars.

Also we found out that they limited it to just five supercars worldwide, the supercar has signature LED lights that are encrusted with diamonds, a carbon-fiber chassis, a gold-plated hood and a “fully functional holographic display with interactive motion.” So we may be sure that it will be really expensive. Porsche tuning specialist RUF and Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr assisted the developing of the Lebanese supercar. W Motors did not revealed the official performance numbers yet, but they claimed that a 0-60 miles per hour time will be less than 2.8 seconds that is really impressive. By the way, they prepare to officially unveil the Hyper-Sport in this December in Dubai so there should be more interesting information soon.