SchwabenFolia Revealed its New Audi RS3

Foil-wrap specialist from Germany SchwabenFolia has recently recoated the new Audi RS3 and also boosted its performance to solid 425 horsepower.

Wrapping specialist recently showed its latest tuning project, this time it is an Audi RS3, which is wrapped in Matte Orange Metallic. But the car’s grille, front bumper, front lip, roof, side mirrors and some parts of roof spoiler are coated in gloss black color. Also there is cheeky lettering on the windshield “Move Over” that is written in reverse, so the drivers, which will see it in a mirror will be able to read it easily. Tinted taillights are completing these exterior enhancements. Interior is upgraded with a pair of new racing buckets that have the same color, Nordschliefe logo and the name of the driver.

Nice performance upgrades of this hot-hatch include a remapped ECU and custom exhaust system with double flap control, racing HJS catalysts and 80 mm black tailpipes. So the output of engine now is boosted from 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque to 425 hp and 420 lb-ft.