High-Performance Nissan Nismo Models

Take a look on the new Nissan Nismo and Nismo RS models of 370Z, Juke, Leaf, and, of course, the great Nissan GT-R.

Now is the time when every car manufacturer should have a performance models line. We can see that BMW has great M division models, Mercedes-Benz has the amazing AMG, Chrysler group has SRT performance models, Fiat has the Abarth, and these are just a little part of the whole list of automakers. So Nissan has a performance line that is called Nismo. But Nissan wants to expand its Nismo line. Nismo performance line will have two different levels of the performance tune, Nismo will be the basic line and the Nismo RS line will have much more extreme performance.

The performance models expansion will start with a new Nissan Juke Nismo, which was revealed at the Le Mans, and it will continue with new Nismo versions of elecric Nissan Leaf, Nissan 370Z and, the most exceptional, the great Nissan GT-R. But Juke Nismo RS will have even more performance, with a turbocharged 1.6l four-cylinder in-line engine that has incredible 270 horsepower and the aggressive body kit.