Handbuilt BMW Zagato Coupe Revealed

Following with a tradition of revealing unique, handbuilt exceptional cars, the 2012 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este was a showcase for the BMW and coachbuilder of Zagato to present the new handbuilt BMW Zagato Coupe. The new BMW coupe looks incredible, combining Zagato trademarks like a long-front/truncated rear profile and a slim double-bubble roof. There is an ample window in the rear, separated into an lower and upper part.

Veru long hood and short rear part of the car proportions are an old good formula of spectacular car desire, also the sculpted haunches in the rear of vehicle give the car a muscule look. There are also interesting details on this coupe, like the matte-frame kidney grilles that are inspired by geodesic dome work of Buckminister Fuller, said in BMW’s press release. If you will look at the edges of the usual kidneys, you’ll see what did they speak about. The grille mesh looks like a lot of interlocked “Z”, sure for Zagato.

All in the car points to try-anything-cool study of design. Look what did they said about the car’s paint: The primer coat – made up of a black application, followed by a layer of shimmering metallic silver – is applied first. Then come six ultra-thin coats of the exclusively developed red shade to deliver this unique effect. Finally, two layers of clear coat seal in the colour. Impressive, isn’t it?

As the result of this special paint technique is a shade of Rosso Vivace that may range from deep black to vivid red, that depends on the lighting, and, I think, on your mood.

As for interior, it shows the design themes also, with a serious horizontal linear focus of the overall interior’s look and travel bag that was made especially for this car. The design of the travel bag is related to the Zagato double-bubble roof design also.

The BMW Zagato Coupe is street legal and drivable, it means that when you will think about owning this car, you may feel free to think about driving it on the streets legally. BMW has also made a cool video about the coupe, that shows the two main designers that are discussing the car’s design, creation of this fabulous car and driving through black-and-white European streets.