First 2013 Viper yields $300,000 at Barrett-Jackson Auction

2013 Viper GTS

The all new SRT model 2013 Viper GTS built for speed, reliability and durability was auctioned for a staggering $300,000 at Barret-Jackson in Orange County earlier this week.

The bid for the sleek red snake which will bear the first VIN of the new production series was set in motion at $ 135,000 but the eager crowd outbid each other, swiftly surpassing the set price. The SRT Track Experience and a trip to this year’s Petit Le Mans rewards were thrown in when the bids’ momentum momentarily stalled at $250,000, and the viper finally sold at $300,000.

Appreciating the generous revenue, the SRT management revealed that the income would be donated to Austin Hatcher Foundation, a foundation for children with cancer.

Visit to learn more about the Foundation.