BMW Reveals M3 Frozen Editions

Now customers can get a BMW M3 with nice matte finish, but it will cost extra $16,000.

Now matte finishes are pretty popular, and Bavarian automaker offers its exceptional Frozen edition models. So this time BMW has presented three new colors of Frozen finish for its M3 Coupe. Those new colors of matte finish areĀ  white, blue and red. But it will be a limited offer, there will be only 150 examples of Frozen Edition versions and these models also will include a lot of other different interesting features to justify the price of $16,000.

Those interesting features include new 19-inch wheels, nice gloss black brightwork and bare carbon roof. The new interior is outfitted in exceptional black leather with a stitching that matches a color of the car’s exterior and the new trim from lightweight carbon-fiber. Buyers also can choose from different options, which include automatic high beams, large moonroof, M-DCT transmission system and a satellite radio system.