BMW Art Cars in London

Bavarian automaker continue to remind its sponsorship of the Olympic Games. Now the Art Cars are shown public.

It is just a few days more to wait for the start of the 2012 Olympics in London. The BMW showed us many special editions, they even opened a brand-new pavilion, and also painted their Mini Rocketman concept car in the Union Jack colors, and all that was done for the London Olympic Games. So this is very good job and this way they show their strong Olympic spirit and willing to attract more attention of the world to this great event.

It is the first time in long history of this important project when BMW takes the large part of its unique Art Car collection to the United Kingdom, where it is exposed and it’s free to come and see it. You can just come and see it now in the Shoreditch car park, bot not later than August 4. For those who don’t know about the BMW Art Car program I want to say that it started 35 years ago. From that time the pop artists were invited to paint BMW cars. In this program participated Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and Alexander Calder. The BMW M3 GT2 was exposed near the iconic Tower Bridge in London earlier in this month.

But if you can’t go to London for the 2012 Olympics, you still may see the BMW Art Collection in our photo gallery and also watch the short video of this significant event.